My name is Alice but I’d much prefer if you called me Allie/Ali or Lia, as I tend to go by those names instead. I’m female and British, and I sold my soul to tumblr on 12th July 2011. I regularly wish I was Tatiana Maslany, Jenna-Louise Coleman, or some other life-ruining actress. I’m having a ongoing love affair with Photoshop. I enjoy reading (and sometimes even writing) fic - however I don’t have much time at the moment to do so, but I try. I’m passionate about acting and I’m currently beginning to pursue ultimately what I’d love to do - being an actress one day. Please check out the "links" page on my blog and the information below for more information about the blog iteslf.
I’m also a bit of a sucker for photography and fashion and all things arty, so you may see a tiny bit of that on my blog, but less so now because I have a separate side-blog for that. If you want to know the URL for it, then please just ask. I might change my icon quite a bit because I’m indecisive and they’re all so pretty. I also have changing sidebar images, because why have one when when you can have eight? For a pretty organised person, I’m horrid at tagging, so I apologise in advance and promise to try my best. Malcolm Tucker is my spirit animal. #CloneClub. I don’t get many asks, but I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have.
This blog is a personal blog, so it will be a mixture of whatever interests me really. I obsess over a lot of things - mostly television shows and their casts - which you will find on my blog at some point, however about 90% of what I blog will be Doctor Who and the cast. But I’m also a multi-fandom blogger and you’ll see occasional other things too. This is not a spoiler-free blog, but I try my best to tag all spoilers, and I also tag anything that isn’t Doctor Who so you can blacklist it if you so choose. I watch a lot of tv shows and I also admire a lot of people. At some point you will most likely see: alex kingston | karen gillan | jenna-louise coleman | tatiana maslany | eve myles | billie piper matt smith | arthur darvill | david tennant | & many more!